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India Visa

Journalist Single : Requirements

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  1. Visa Form completed on line
  2. Declaration form
  3. 2 colour Photographs of photo booth quality measuring 50mm x 50mm
  4. Original UK Company letter, headed to the Embassy in London, stating the following :
    1. Applicants full Name
    2. Passport Number
    3. Purpose of trip and the name of the company being visited.
    4. The applicant’s company is financially responsible for the trip.
    5. Length of visa required.
    6. Request “Journalist Visa”.
  5. Members of the media who are planning to travel to India to film a documentary must contact the High Commission for forms and information on obtaining the appropriate permit:
  6. Passport with a minimum 6 months left to run from date of lodging, and 2 clear pages.

Important Notice:
If using the Regent visa service for obtaining your visa then you need to choose ‘UK-London’ as the
India Mission place of lodging on the application form.
Visas are typically valid for 6 months multiple entry from date of issue.
Applicants of Pakistani descent may have a restricted visa. Anyone of Pakistan descent will have their
application referred to India for approval. This can take weeks to obtain.
If the applicant’s job title can be linked to the media then the application could be referred to India for
approx 8-10 working days.
Non British citizens who have not been living in the UK for at least 2 years will have their applications
will be referred for approx 8-10 days. They are also charged an extra £10 by the Embassy.