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India Visa

Conference : Requirements

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  1. Visa Form completed on line
  2. Declaration Form
  3. 2 colour Photographs of photo booth quality, measuring 50mm x 50mm.
  4. Evidence of proof of purpose. This must be provided as one of these three:
    1. A copy of approval from the Nodal Ministry, Government of India
    2. A copy of the clearance from the concerned state governments
    3. A copy of the political clearance from the Ministry of External Affairs , Government of India
  5. A letter of invitation from the company the applicant is visiting. A copy is acceptable. This letter must:
    1. Be on company letterhead paper
    2. Include the name of the applicant
    3. State the purpose of journey
    4. Specify the requested number of entries and the length of visa required
  6.  Original UK Company letter, headed to the Embassy in London, stating the following :
    1. Applicants full Name
    2. Passport Number
    3. Purpose of trip and the name of the company being visited.
    4. The applicant’s company is financially responsible for the trip.
    5. Length of visa required

Important Notice:
If using the Regent visa service for obtaining your visa then you need to choose ‘UKLondon’
as the India Mission place of lodging on the application form.
Charity and Media Professionals
Visa approvals for applicants working in charity or media related professions will be referred
to officials in India. As a result, processing time may extend for up to twelve weeks and
additional consular fees may be charged.